My name is Delyse Rai' Baker and I am the lady behind the lens at Drb Photography.

I am married to the most supportive man I could have hoped for and raising two wonderful(y challenging) children in Oregon City, Oregon. I love dark chocolate, caffeine, loudly singing 90s music, laughing at my kids dance moves (that they got from their momma!) and finding beauty in the smallest moments. 

My love for Photography didn't fully develop until my daughter {Hayden} was born. Her little details changed in the blink of an eye and I could not go a week without capturing the new beautiful thing she was doing. Watching her grow day by day, I found myself growing too! I no longer pointed and snapped 300 images, but took my time and captured the magic before me. 

I tend to be a bit of a goof ball and I don't mind being the butt of a joke if it creates a smile on a client's face. I love the natural beauty in life, and because of that my pictures show the authentic details of every session and event. I will not perfectly airbrush your face, but blemishes and scars will fade away. I will not pose a child in such a unnatural way but rather chase them around until I'm out of breath. I will admit I still have mini panic attacks when heading to a shoot, but once I'm behind my camera everything just 'clicks'

Now that I'm here, I cannot imagine being anywhere else! 


"You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love" - Jim Carrey