What is Drb Photography's preferred style of shooting? Well, a bit of everything! I LOVE to tell the story of the day, capture the little moments, the REAL moments. I capture traditional Family Portraits as well, and will take requests for that perfect image that inspired you. However I enjoy spending most of my time chasing the Flower Girl, awkwardly sitting in a sink to get the perfect angle of everyone getting ready, and enjoying the natural beauty in front of me verses checking a list in my pocket.

Do you bring your own lighting?  While I prefer using available natural light, I am prepared for just about anything! I use Strobes in Studio but prefer the portability of Speedlight flashes for Weddings or Events as needed.

How much does an additional hour of Service cost, if my Wedding ran long? I bill $280 per hour (and $100 per hour for my second shooter) in even increments.  I NEVER work over our contracted time without a conversation with the Bride&Groom. If your service hours are coming to an end, and the party is not - I will find a way to speak with you and confirm my departure, or additional coverage.

How many images can I expect to see from my Wedding? This depends on the coverage of your event,  I quote a minimum of 50 images per hour, and their black and white counterparts. So a 6 hour Wedding would produce 300+ finished images (600+ Total) and while that may sound like a small number, it is quite the opposite. The finished images you receive are the final Artistic product. They are carefully considered and then edited to their full potential- only the best of the best (and a few I just can’t toss!)

How long until I can see my images? I get the stress and excitement that is waiting for the pictures from your big day! I do my best to move as quickly as possible. A Facebook preview will be available 48 hours after your Wedding, these will be 10+ of my FAVORITE images at a quick glance through the day posted directly to the Facebook page watermarked for social sharing purposed. A PASS High Resolution Digital Gallery will take 3-4 weeks after the event/final payment, these are 40-70 images I would proudly hang on my walls or send to Grandma. Final delivery of all finished images takes approximately 60-90 days peak Wedding Season [if on payment plan this begins after final payment has cleared] (this is an estimate, I deliver images as soon as they are ready, and try to communicate expected timeline and delays)

Will you use my images in Advertising? I would LOVE to! I never sell my images, and don't plan to be rich or famous anytime soon. However it is not a requirement of my services contract. Images I share are placed on my Website, Blog, Facebook and other similar social media and promotional sites. As much of my business is referrals and word of mouth I love being able to show off my work, and ever evolving style. If you wish for your images to not be shared, or shared with restrictions I will absolutelyrespect that!

Do you provide RAW files? No. Raw files (CR2) are just that- RAW. These are unprocessed versions that allow me to manipulate the image in post process and create the images that are delivered to you. These images are not viewable without the proper software, and do not represent the quality of work I deliver to my clients. When these "raw" files are viewed, they are flat images that lack processing. A big part of my job is to bring these images to life and deliver to you a keepsake that will last a lifetime. My favorite comparison of this would be making reservations at a fancy restaurant, and asking for your RAW steak and veggies to go. You'd be missing out on the experience and product the Restaurant and Chef provided. 

Do you provide every image you take? No. I strive to deliver the highest quality of images. This means blinks, blurs, test shots etc are immediately deleted. While not every image delivered will be pristine and perfect, I deliver every image that fits my standard that I believe my clients will enjoy. 

Do you backup my images? How safe are my memories? Yes and Very! While nothing is fool proof, I do have a method to my madness. My Wedding Photographer lost parts of my big day, and it installed a certain level of paranoia in me. When I get home from an event, the images are pulled onto my computer, then onto an external hard drive, at which point I burn off DVDs of the raw images to file away. Galleries are uploaded to PASS (backed up for up to 10 years!)

How much is the deposit? When is the balance due? Can you work with me? I require retainer of 50% of the package balance OR $500 with 50% paid 30 days before the event date.  The total balance is due 60 days POST event (Yes, After!) A decade ago I was a Bride on a Budget myself! Payments are welcome, in any amount. Though my pricing is firm, I do try to work with my couples as much as possible.

We don't need an Engagement Session, can we remove that? All of my Wedding packages include a complimentary engagement session. This is my thank you to my clients for trusting Drb Photography with their big day. It also serves as an ice breaker, a chance to see the couple interact before the big day and create a certain comfort in front of my lens. Choosing to forgo the Engagement Session does not effect the package price. Though you are welcome to create your own package that meets your needs from the A La Carte menu, you will find the package price to be beneficial most of the time. 

What is your cancellation Policy? My retainers are not refundable ($500 or 50%) Once under contract I turn down all work, I block out the hours before and after so that I am available and at my best. Any monies paid above and beyond the retainer fee will be returned in the event of a cancellation. If the Event is moved to a different day, a special contract amendment may be signed by both parties if Drb Photography is available on the new date chosen.  

What would happen if you couldn't make it to my Wedding on the day of? I have an amazing support net of Photographers that I lean on for everything. In the case of an emergency on my part- a Message is sent out to Local Photographers . The hope is that one of them is available to step in (either in full or in part) As they are unavailible THEY send a message out to their support net, and so on until someone is found. There would be absolute communication with the Bride&Groom through this process. Though I will say, I have never had to use my net, I feel extremely confident that seamless coverage would still be provided.


Have a question I missed? I'd love to hear from you! Email hello@drbphotography3.com